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Straightens your teeth
Is Transaligner right for you?


During a full consultation with your doctor, they will be able to determine whether Transaligner is the correct treatment for you. Transaligner are ideal for mild to moderate cases and also for people whom, after orthodontic treatment have forgotten to wear their retainers and their teeth are beginning to slowly move back to their original position.

The significant benefits for TRANSALIGNER are:


They are transparent, removable and therefore less likely to be detected than fixed appliances

 No food Restriction

There are no food restrictions which could damage the aligners due to them having to be removed   before eating and drinking.


The aligners must be removed before eating and drinking, therefore there are no food restrictions which could damage the aligners.

Easy access to thoroughly brush, floss and maintain good oral hygiene than wearing fixed appliances, due to the fact that they are removable.

Oral hygiene is far better than wearing fixed appliances due the fact that they are removable, enabling easy access to thoroughly brush and floss and to maintain good health of your teeth and gums. 


Less pain due to the slower gradual movement of the teeth, therefore less force than other orthodontic treatment.


Transaligner are removable comfortable and specifically made for each individual, allowing you to achieve the smile you have always wanted!


The patient 

To achieve the desired results, full co-operation between you and your doctor is imperative at all times.

The aligner should be worn at all times excluding eating, drinking, playing contact sports and playing certain musical instruments.

Do not use alcohol based products for cleaning the aligners, this could cause damage or discolouration.

Full instructions from your doctor should be given on how to fit each aligner. 

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