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It's Clear, It's Simple and
Straightens your teeth
What is Transaligner?

Have you ever wanted a stunning, healthy smile,

but would feel self-conscious about wearing traditional metal braces? 

Transaligner are an alternative system for creating just that!

Transaligner are removable, comfortable and specially made just for you, allowing you to achieve that beautiful smile you have always wanted. ransaligner is an excellent option for those of you who are looking to improve their smile with very little effort!They are made out of Clear medical grade material which cover the teeth completely, and are practically invisible when worn. 

How Does It Work?


Transaligner works by straightening the teeth which is achieved by a series of removable aligners.

The aligners must be worn for 22 hours a day for two to three weeks, this will allow the aligners to gradually move your teeth from their original position to a new position.

Due to the small amount of movement, there will be less pressure on the teeth causing less irritation, pain and discomfort as compared to wearing other forms of orthodontic appliance.

Sometimes at the beginning of treatment a slight lisp may occur, this is perfectly normal and usually disappears as you become more used to wearing the aligners.



Each aligner is specially made just for you, and each one is designed slightly differently to

allow tooth movement to be made in small sections, as evidence of this, you should notice that

during the two weeks that you wear an aligner, and especially during the first few days, its fit

will gradually become more relaxed. This isn't because the aligner has changed or deformed but

becausethe alignment of your teeth has conformed to its shape.

when you've finished wearing that aligner, you've completed one step of the many, that

collectively, will accomplish straightening your teeth.

Each aligner only straightens your teeth just a little bit.the aligners are individually numbered

and MUST be worn in sequence as directed by your doctor.

The only time the aligner should be removed is before eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth.

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